Mr. Girish Lad
Chairman & Founder,
Only Daughters Club,
Save The Baby Girl,
Magnum Opus

The concept of Only Daughters Club is an idea of Mr. Girish Lad, Chairman & Founder of Magnum Opus. Girish has invented many innovations in social business and especially in E-Governance. He is keen on taking the social issues and innovated technology solutions to bring the transparency that will help effective governance. He has invented various social innovations using information technology and the brain behind the Magnum Opus and its projects. He is more of a social activist than a businessman.


Magnum Opus projects


Magnum Opus projects has been accepted and implemented successfully across India, specifically in the states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Hariyana, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir etc. Magnum Opus has invented a new concept of audio book in the form of Audio CD and couple of projects has been a great success: Pani Pani, A audio CD based on six stories related to water issue, recorded in the voice of Mrs. Lalan Sarang, Mr. Girish Oak, & Mr. Vinay Apte.

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